10/10 - Nice job to all who gave it their best at Shrewsbury today.  Here are the results:  CMS vs Oak St (Away)

There is no practice on 10/11.

10/9 - The CMS Cross Country apparel is in homeroom teachers' mailboxes.  

10/3  On a very soggy and muddy course, we were finally able to have our one and only meet at home this year.  CMS was represented with 62 runners participating with Tantasqua Middle School.  Here are the results:  CMS vs Tantasqua at home - results

The cross country apparel should be in any day.  

Here it is!...follow this link (CMS XC Goods) to order apparel for the cross country season.  You have until 9/23 to place an order.  All items will be delivered to the school.  Please make sure you indicate the name of the student in your order.  Thank you for your continued support of the CMS Cross Country program.

The meet at DMS on Tuesday 9/18 has been postponed.  There will be practice on 9/18 from 2:30 - 3:30.

Coming Soon...there will be a link to order shirts, sweatshirts, and drawstring bags for CMS Cross Country

Here are the papers that we distributed on the first day of cross country.

The first practice of the season will be 9/11/2018 from 2:30 - 3:30.  Students may take the late bus home or have a parent pick up after practice. Please bring a snack, drink, and sneakers/comfortable clothes to run in. This practice will happen rain or shine, as most of the time is spent making sure everyone knows the expectations of the season.  Students will be given multiple pieces of paper that will be both informative to keep and some to return.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to me at

2018 Season is just around the corner.  Listen to announcements for sign-up information.

The sweatshirt order form is ready.  
This year CMS Cross Country will be ordering sweatshirts from Custom Ink. The survey indicated that there are approximately 30 individuals interested in ordering.  With this number, the sweatshirts will cost about $40.  The price of the sweatshirt is dependent upon the number ordered.  If the order is less than 30, the cost will be more.  If, however, the order is more than 30, the cost could go down.  Please use the following link to order your sweatshirt:

Payments will be made online, the sweatshirt will be delivered to the school and distributed to the students in homeroom. Please indicate the student’s name when ordering to ensure delivery to the correct homeroom. Sweatshirts may be ordered for runners, family members, and friends.  Last day to order will by October 26th.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

We will not be ordering t-shirts this year for cross country.  Instead, we will be ordering sweatshirts.  In order to determine a price, the following survey needs to be completed.  This survey was sent via email, however, it may not have reached everyone.  Please only complete the survey once and complete it by 10/18. Ordering information will be sent out by the end of this week.  Here is the link for the survey: Survey link

CMS was a busy place on Oct. 11th.  There were four schools running with over 220 students (boys and girls) giving it their best effort.  Nice effort from all.  Here are the results from the CMS crew: DMS, Tantasqua, Oak St. Middle, and CMS

What a great day for a meet!  It was a long drive, but beautiful weather.  Everyone did great!  Here are the results of the day: LBMS vs CMS at LBMS

Hot and muggy day for a meet, but a great tribute to Mr. Paire!  Everyone should be proud of their times.  CMS Cross Country is off to a great start.   DMS vs CMS results

Information for t-shirt orders will be coming soon.

The Cross Country season has begun.  Here are the links to the paper work that given out on the first day. (Welcome Letter and Practice/Meet schedule) Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

The 2017 Cross Country Season will be here soon.  Please listen to announcements for sign-ups.  Sign-ups will be happening earlier this year due to the season starting earlier.  More information will be available the first week of school.  Looking forward to another great season.

The bridge is complete!  We will now have an outgoing and incoming bridge.  (Below are pictures of the new bridge.  The old bridge will need some care before the season starts.)

Thank you to Joel White for the construction of our new bridge.

There will be an end of the season pizza party in the near future.  Please listen to announcements for more details.

Here are the results from the State meet on 11/5: 2016 8th Annual Middle School State Invitational Results  Congratulations to all who ran.  It was a great day!  Thank you for the support of the team, families, and CMS staff.

The shirts will be distributed on 10/24.

There will be practice on 10/25 after school.  Our last meet will be at home on 10/26.  Invitations for the state meet will go out on 10/24.  Here is the permission slip for the meet on 10/26: Marlboro, Dudley and CMS meet at home

What a great experience at Tantasqua.  CMS Cross Country showed not only their individual strength, but the strength of the team.  Congratulations to all who ran.  Everyone did well.  Here are the results of the invitational: 2016 Tantasqua Invitational

It was a long trail at Hale, but every CMS runner gave it their all.  Congratulations to everyone who ran.  Here are the results of the meet on 10/19 against Hale: Hale vs CMS results

Those who were invited to run in the Tantasqua Invitational, please have your slips to Mrs. Dieterle by Wed., Oct 19th.  

The next meet is away at Hale Middle School in Stow.  Permission slips were due on Friday, Oct. 14th.  No late slips will be accepted.

The shirts have been ordered.  Per the website, the shirts should be here by no later than the end of the day on Oct. 20th.  

The sooner I have all of the orders for shirts, the sooner the shirts can be delivered.  Here is the link if you need or want to order a shirt for cross country: Shirt information and link  All ordering and payment will be done online.  

Permission slips for the next meet, which is at home, can be found in the office, will be given out at practice, or can be downloaded and completed from this link: Florence Sawyer vs CMS 10/12/16  Please return this permission slip by Tues. 10/11.  If for some reason you do not have a permission slip for a meet, please feel free to send in a hand written note or send an email to me ( before the deadline for each meet. 

What a beautiful day for a meet and our Shrewsbury hosts could not have been more hospitable.  Congratulations to all who ran.  Everyone gave it their best effort.  Shout out to Matt G. (CMS first place boy) and Emery M. (CMS first place girl).  Here are the rest of the results: CMS vs Oak St - Shrewsbury

Here is the link if you need or want to order a shirt for cross country: Shirt information and link  

I know some parents have requested another copy of the forms that were distributed at the first practice.  Here are the forms: schedule  opening letter  

Next week, practice will be on Tues (9/27) and Thurs (9/29) from 2:30 - 3:30.  Also, permission slips for the next meet will be available at the next practice and online.

Results from the 9/21/2016 meet (Luther Burbank vs CMS at CMS): LBMS vs CMS results

Here is the link for the permission slip for the first cross country meet of the 2016 season: LB vs CMS permission slip

The first practice will be 9/13 from 2:30 - 3:30.  It is great to see the number of students that have signed up for cross country this year.  Due to this large number of students, much time at the first practice will be distributing paperwork and informational based, with the hopes that we will be able to get outside for a short jog.  Please be sure to bring a note into school indicating that you have permission to stay after school and how you will be getting home.

9/1/16 XC Update

Sign ups for CMS Cross Country will be next week (9/5 - 9/9/2016).  Practice will begin the week of 9/12 and will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  More information about practice and meets will be distributed at the first practice.  Please let me know if you would be interested in purchasing a XC shirt.  If interested, please send an email to me at

2016 XC Information will be available soon.

Next Thursday (11/19), the Cross Country team will have a pizza party after school from 2:30 - 3:30.  Students intending to attend should sign up in the office so that we will know how much pizza to purchase.  In addition, students attending should wear their XC shirts if they have one.  Those who ran at states should bring their awards so that pictures can be taken for the yearbook.  Thank you for a great season.

Ok, here it is...the results of the 7th Annual Massachusetts Middle School XC Invitational:  CMS State Invitational Results  For those of you that would like to see the results of everyone who ran, some of you had friends running from other schools, to to  There is a link on the website for all of the results.

Congratulations to all who participated from CMS in the state meet!  The weather was beautiful and the support and camaraderie from the CMS runners was exceptional.  Proud to know the number one 5th grade girl in the state - Emery Mullen.  Also, proud of those who were there for the first time and gave it their all.  In addition, those who ran previously, most of you improved from last year.  All gave it their best effort.  So proud of all of you!

Thank you for a great season.  There will be one last gathering within the next two weeks.  It will be in announcements and on the blog.  Details coming soon!

Beautiful day for a friendly meet with Dudley Middle School.  Here are the results:  CMS vs DMS results

Your child should be bringing home a letter today with more information about the upcoming week for those participating in the state meet.  There will be a meet on Tuesday at DMS and practice on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please complete the permission slips and return them by Monday.  Thank you.

On to states!  For those participating in the state meet on 11/7, there will be practice next week on Wednesday and Thursday.  Tuesday, we will travel to Dudley Middle School to explore the new course they have.  This is a friendly meet and good to experience before states.  Information will be posted on the blog by Friday and given to homeroom teachers on Friday to distribute.

This link will give you more information for the state meet:

It was a cold and rainy meet, but all gave it their best effort.  Congratulations to you all!  Thank you for a great season.  Remember there are no more practices.

Results for 10/28 CMS vs Whitcomb MS (Marlboro)

Results for 10/21 DMS, Tantasqua, Westboro at CMS.  Due to technical difficulties, the boys times will not be posted.

In addition, please be on the look out for the permission slip for the final meet of the season.  The meet will be 10/28 at Marlboro.  Please return the permission slips no later than Monday, October 26th. in order to be able to plan appropriately for buses.

Students who qualify for the state meet will receive an invitation letter no later than Friday, October 23rd.

****ATTENTION ALL CROSS COUNTRY FAMILIES - CMS is looking for some volunteers to help next Wednesday (10/21) for the last home meet of the season.  There will be four teams running at this meet.  That's a lot of students!  We would like to make this a positive and fun experience for all.  Therefore, it would be helpful to have volunteers around the course to ensure safety and encouragement for all runners.  If you can help, please send an email to me at .  Thank you in advance for you help and support.

Wow! What a great meet today!  So proud of all of the runners - team work, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.  As one parent said to me, "It is great to see how the kids support each other - cheering, giving high fives.  That's what this is about."  Thank you CMS runners for making me proud again.

Here are the results for the Luther Burbank MS meet: Luther Burbank vs CMS results Congratulations to all!

Here are some pictures from today and videos from last week: LBMS vs CMS meet pictures  Inspiration before the race CMS vs Hale at CMS video

Great News!  According to Custom Ink the t-shirts should be delivered to the school no later than Friday, October 16th.  That means we will have them for the last home meet and the final meet of the season at Marlboro.  Thank you to everyone who ordered a t-shirt.  I hope that the process was easy to follow.

Reminder to those who received a shirt this year at the first meet.  Please make sure that you have sent your cash or check (made payable to CMS).  I am still waiting on a few.  Thanks

Our next meet will be at CMS against DMS, Tantasqua and Westboro.  Permission slips can be obtained in the office, at cross country practice or by printing from the following link: CMS vs DMS, Tantasqua and Westboro permission slip (corrected permission slip as of 10/14)

***Please remember that there is no practice on 10/8 due to the early release.  Additionally, there is no practice on 10/13 due to another school commitment for the staff.

T-shirts!  Please make sure if you would like a CMS XC t-shirt you follow the link to order it online by 10/9.  The t-shirts will be delivered to the school, then given to homeroom teacher to give to the students.

The next meet is 10/14 in Lancaster.  Please make sure permission slips are in no later than 10/13.  So far this has been a great season for CMS.  Keep up the good work!

10/7  Great race today by the CMS team.  Everyone put in a excellent effort and the teamwork/support they showed for each other makes the coaches proud.  Here are the results for today:  Hale results

10/5  - T-shirt orders are only being taken through the link until this Friday (10/9).  Remember to order one for this season.

This week the CMS Cross Country Team will host their first meet of the season.  Come out and support the team.

Next Wednesday (10/14), the CMS Cross Country Team will be traveling to Lancaster to run against the students of Luther Burbank Middle School.  Permission slips can be printed from the following link, picked up in the office or at practice tomorrow.  Please return the permission slips for this meet by Tuesday, October 13th.

Permission slip for 10/14 meet at Luther Burbank MS in Lancaster, MA

10/01 - T-shirt order information and the permission slip for the next meet were given out at practice today.  Nice support and teamwork today at practice as the runners ran a trial run on the course.  Here is the link to the trail run: Second time trial

9/30/2015 - T-shirt will be ordered through Custom Ink.  Unfortunately, the price has increased a little this year.  Please go to  Custom Ink t-shirt order and complete the necessary information.  The t-shirts will be delivered to school and be delivered to the students homeroom.  All payments will go through Custom Ink.  This group order will close on 10/9.  This information will also be shared on announcements and through a letter going home.

Letter with link to order CMS XC t-shirt. Orders close 10/9

Students who ran in the Sawyer meet that requested a t-shirt were given one before the meet, if there was one available.  Letters will be sent home for those students with information about paying for the t-shirt.  If you would like to take care of this sooner then the letter comes home, you may send a check - made payable to CMS or cash in the amount of $12 in an envelope addressed to Mrs. Dieterle.  Please include the child's name that has purchased the shirt. (T-shirt payment letter for those who have received their t-shirts  For those that still want a t-shirt, information should be out before the week ends about how to purchase a shirt.

Unfortunately, today we could not get practice in due to the weather.  (Although, we do need the rain.  It would be better for practice if it just rained at night.) Today, the permission slip was going to be handed out at practice for the next meet.  Tomorrow is another day.  Let's hope we can practice tomorrow.  Anyhow, feel free to print and complete the following permission slip for the meet next Wednesday (10/7) at CMS.  Or, permission slips will go out at the when we practice again.  Here is the link for the 10/7 permission slip: CMS vs Hale meet permission slip

On 9/29, the students of CMS Cross Country team gave it their all.  Nice job to all who ran.  To find the results for CMS students, follow this link: Sawyer results. Thank you to all of the friends and family that came out to cheer the students on.  If you take pictures and want to share them, please feel free to send them to sdieterle@dcrsd. It would be nice to have some to share with the yearbook staff for this years yearbook.

Next Tuesday (9/29) will be our first meet.  It will be at Florence Sawyer School in Bolton.  Permission slips went home yesterday.  If you were not at practice or can not find the one you were given, please feel free to print the form that is attached, complete and return by Monday (9/28).  All permission slips for this meet need to be in by 9/28, so that buses can be arranged.

Sawyer Meet Permission slip

Also, students received the meet schedule for all meets yesterday at practice.  If you were not at practice or can not find the one you were given, please feel free to stop by my room.  I have a few extras that I am willing to share.  Or, you can print the schedule from this link:  2015 Meet Schedule

Please make sure that all paperwork is completed and turned in.  It is important for the school to have an indication of how each student will be transported home after practice.  If there is ever a change in the original arrangement, please send in a note to designate the newest change.

Reminder, practices are from 2:30 - 3:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Practice will start in the cafeteria.

First Cross Country practice is Tuesday, September 22.  We will meet in the cafeteria at 2:30 and be finished in time for the late bus at 3:30.  Please remember running attire, water and completed paper work if you haven't already turned it in.

The meet schedule will be coming out this week.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 there will be a meeting for all interested in CMS Cross Country.  Paperwork will be distributed and discussed.  Please be sure you have your athletic paperwork complete and turned in.

For all students who attended the cross country meeting today after school, they were given a letter that briefly explains some of the philosophy and expectations of middle school cross country.  On the reverse side of the letter, you will find two forms to complete.  One is a permission slip to stay after school for cross country practice.  The other form is to indicate whether you would like to order a shirt for cross country this year.  If this information did not make it home, please feel free to print a copy from the link provided below.  As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Opening letter and form

The meet schedule will be coming out soon.  The students should be receiving it next week at practice.  In addition to the above information, I would like to welcome the following individuals who will be helping with cross country this year:  Mrs. Garrepy, Mr. Farrar, Mr. Hanks and Mrs. Mullen.  It is going to be a great season.